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The Fruitfly Shop's
Live D. Hydei Fruit Fly Cultures

Flightless Drosophila Hydei Culture
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Size: 1/8'' (3.5mm)

An Excellent Feeder for all types of small Frogs, Lizards and Turtles
   as well as Adult Bettas, Killifish, Large Gourami, Angelfish,
    Guppies, Frogs, Salamanders, Newts, Praying Mantises,
   Carnivorous Plants, Birds and Many More.
The Largest Drosophila that we carry.
ο The maturation period is longer than D. Melanogaster
   (approximately 28 days).
Culture Will Produce Thousands of Flies

D. Hydei Fruit Flies are available with the feeding culture or without. The feeding culture will allow you to propagate the flies, producing a continuous supply of new flies for more than a month.

If you order the flies with the culture, the Fruit Fly shipment will arrive with the flies separated from the culture(s).

One container will include the fruit flies (several hundred for each culture ordered) and a small amount of food. The other 32oz container(s)-one for each culture ordered- will contain the feeding medium and perching mesh. Upon arrival, pour the flies into the 32oz feeding medium container(s) where they will live and reproduce throughout the life of the culture. This shipping method ensures that the flies will arrive alive and won't drown in the feeding medium during cases of rough handling by the USPS.

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Approximate Number of Flies per (1) Order
d. hydei

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drosophila hydei
Fruitfly Feeding Culture (Right)
Live D. Hydei in Shipping Container (Left)

Fly Size: 1/8''
Larger than D. Melanogaster

D. Hydei Culture Includes:
Several Hundred Live Fruit Flies (see image below), plus all needed food contained in the feeding culture to keep the flies propagating for a month, producing hundreds and hundreds of flies.

Feeding Container is shipped
separate from the Flies.

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