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The Fruitfly Shop's
Flightless Fruit Fly Culture Kits

Fruit Fly Culture Kits
  • Small - $19.50
    Enough to make 3 cultures Plus 1 Live Culture *

    * A "Live Culture" refers to a fruit fly culture that is already prepared and includes the live fruit flies. The fruit flies from the live culture are then used to populate the cultures that you make from the kit.

  • Medium - $32.95
    Enough to make 10 cultures Plus 2 Live Cultures
    Without live Flies: $22.95

  • Large - $54.95
    Enough to make 25 cultures Plus 3 Live Cultures
    Without live Flies: $43.95

  • Commercial Size - $86.95
    Enough to make 50 cultures Plus 3 Live Cultures
    Without live Flies: $75.95

  • X-Tra Large Kits:
    Contact Us regarding pricing
    on larger orders of Fruit Fly Culture Kits!

    • Live Fruit Fly Culture(s) - Your choice of either:
      D. Hydei, D. Melanogaster or a Combo of both
      (We also offer the kits without the live flies)
    • Dry Enriched Fruit Fly Medium Packaged in
      Individual, Pre-Measured Portions
      No Measuring, No Hassle, Just Add Water
    • 32oz Durable Plastic Containers
    • Breathable Fabric Covered Insect Lids
    • Plastic Perching Mesh (1 panel per culture)
    • Detailed Instructions and Care Sheet

    • Enriched Medium Contains all the Food needed to raise Drosophila successfully.
    • Quick and Easy Instructions
      make raising your fruit flies a breeze!
    • Our Secret recipe and rare tips
      produce the best cultures available.
    • These Kits come with or without the live fruit fly cultures.
    • No annoying aspen fibers that fall
      into your aquarium or cage when using.
    • Medium includes anti-mold agent.
Large Culture Kit
large fly kit
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feeder fruit fly
Medium Culture Kit

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