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"M'Lady No Bugs" and "Bug Kill"
Insecticidal Shelf & Drawer Paper

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"Bug Kill" and "No Bugs M'Lady"
Anti-Mite Shelf Paper

  • Mites can infest and decimate fruit fly cultures.
  • Simply line your fruit fly culture shelves with this handy liner and say goodbye to mites and other insect pests.
  • Cleaner and Safer than Aerosol Sprays.
  • Insecticidal Shelf and Drawer Paper is the easy-to-use odorless shelf and drawer paper that has been treated to effectively prevent and control mite infestations as well as other insects and pests, including Roaches, Ants and Silverfish.
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We Carry Two Types of Insecticidal Shelf and Drawer Paper:

"No Bugs M'Lady"
Insecticidal Shelf & Drawer Paper
  • Each Role is 10 Feet by 18 Inches
  • Solid Color (Color May Vary)
  • Non-Adhesive

"Bug Kill" Insecticidal Shelf & Drawer Paper
  • Each Role is 6 Feet by 18 Inches
  • Treated on Both Sides
  • Floral or Fruit Pattern (Pattern May Vary)
  • Non-Adhesive

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anti-mite paper
No Bugs M'Lady Anti-Mite Shelf Paper
Color May Vary
bug kill anti-mite paper
"Bug Kill" Insecticidal Shelf and Drawer Paper
Pattern May Vary

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