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Wingless Drosophila Melanogaster Cultures (SIZE: 1/16'')

Flightless Drosophila Hydei Cultures (SIZE: 1/8'')

Flightless Fruit Fly Larvae

Fruit Fly Kits - Make Your Own Cultures

Fruit Fly Culture Feeding Medium

Silkworms and Silkworm Products

Microworms (Tiny Nematodes)        Vinegar Eels

Praying Mantis Kits

Praying Mantis Egg Case (Ootheca)

Living Praying Mantis Nymphs and Juveniles

Living Praying Mantis Food

Praying Mantis Enclosures

Methyl Paraben Powder - Mold Inhibitor

Anti-Mite Insecticidal Shelf and Drawer Paper

Fly Culture Containers and Lids

Poly Fabric Covered Insect Container Lids

Fruit Fly Culture Perching Mesh

Rice Flour Beetles and Kits

Superworms         Superworm Bedding / Food

Superworm Breeding Kits

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carniverous plants
Fruit Flies make an ideal carniverous plant feeder
They are also for fish, lizards, frogs, birds and more.

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